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Travelers are the best sources of travel information. This is our philosophy. That is why we came up with, a travel guide where well-traveled people write about some of the top destinations in the world, the best hotels to stay in, the nicest restaurants to eat out, the most pulsating nightlife to enjoy, and the most exhilarating activities to experience.

We will give you helpful information about the following major destinations in North America and Europe. We are currently developing pages for other cities, so expect that we will become your ultimate travel guide online.

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Click the About page of each city travel guide to know interesting facts about the destination, its people, top attractions, history, and maps. Browse through our Audio Guide to learn more about the destination you have been dying to visit.

Some travel services are available to you and we have made a selection of them. Audio guide about different cities can be found via our partner. Hotel guide in the city you will be staying. And of course a selection of tour guide.

If you are wishing to acquire or just learn the basics of a foreign language, then you are at the right place. Browse through our pages to know more about language courses and schools available abroad.

Check out the Itineraries page. Whether you are spending a weekend or more in the city, and whether you are spending a summer or winter vacation, this page will help you prioritize your routes.

The Planning Your Trip page will give you information about important websites about the city you plan to visit, when to go there, how to get there, accommodation that suits your taste and budget, city transportation, sightseeing tours, visas, and safety and emergency.

A visit to a city will not be complete without having a taste of its culture and entertainment. Find information about city museums, festivals, cuisine, restaurants, bars and nightclubs, nightlife, shopping, gay travel, sports, architecture, parks and gardens, performing arts, movies, music, and fashion.

Want to learn more about us and about the simply travel guide projet. If you are interesting to have a partnership with our travel guides, feel free to contact us. Please also check out our partners – Travel directory.