North America

Many tourists around the world dream of visiting North America. Some say a travel guide about this continent is somehow pointless, because the tourism value of Canada, the United States, and Mexico are already well-known internationally. But North America is so vast a continent that even its inhabitants are constantly amazed by the gems they discover.

From the chilly Alaska and Northern Canada to the eclectic mix of the modern and the traditional in the United States to the tropical warmth of Mexico, the continent makes an ideal holiday getaway. Canadian ski vacations, Florida beaches, and the exotic jungles of Mexico are only a few examples of the huge range of remarkable natural beauties North America offers.

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You will find sheer bliss in Canada, and whatever grabs your interests, the country offers many options for the adventurer in you. You can roar with laughter, tap your feet, and applause the many festivals and events. Its culture and heritage is mirrored through the historic sites, old forts, and museums. Bars and clubs will seduce you with lively chatter and infectious music.

Mexico is the destination of choice for many travelers. It is a paradise, with eclectic attractions that often present extreme contrasts. Its culture unparalleled, Mexico is one of the world’s oldest human habitations. It has witnessed the rise and fall of some of the most important ancient civilizations. You will enjoy here the hospitality of the locals, exotic cuisine, pristine beaches, interesting ancient ruins, colorful festivals, wild nightlife, and many more. The list is vast and you can make your own destination list.

The United States has some of the most exciting cities in the world – New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, Seattle, New Orleans, Miami, and a lot more. Its cultural diversity and density offers many opportunities for you to discover and explore. Democracy, free thinking, and culture are only some of the influence the country has had on the world.