About Us

Expect the unexpected when traveling to foreign places. But for you to truly enjoy the unexpected, you must have a plan. Yes, it is true that travel is about getting lost in translation, discovering hidden gems, and finding your way back, but getting lost will not be such fun of you do not have any travel plan to begin with.

We will be more than happy to help you.

Simply Travel Guide is more than your usual online travel guide. We chose the name because we know “simplicity” is the key when making travel plans. This travel guide represents our passion for travel and our goal to make a tool that every traveler would find useful.

Having been in the travel industry for sometime, we understand how time consuming and difficult and it could be to arrange your dream holiday. There are so many wonderful getaways, so many exciting things to see and do, and so much planning needed.

But why spend so much time researching using complicated travel guides when you can plan plain and simple? We are a travel guide that helps you get everything easily. No fancy text, no unnecessary design. Just simple travel information that will make your trip simple.